Why Video Marketing Works For Business

June 18, 2019 Video 0

In recent years there’s been a big shift towards using videos to market businesses and there’s lots of good reasons why!

If you haven’t jumped on board the video train as yet, maybe it’s time to reconsider – because video isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it’s continuing to grow like crazy.

There are a few ways that you can take advantage of video marketing, these include:

    • Vlogs
    • Interviews
    • Tutorials
    • Presentations
    • Product demos
    • Product reviews
    • Video testimonials
    • Live streams
    • Video ads

So what are the benefits of video marketing and how can it help your business? We get asked this question a lot at PipeWolf Media, here are our top answers:

Builds Trust With Your Audience

The magic of video is that you can physically talk about or showcase your products, services and knowledge through video content, this builds trust with your audience. You are able to clearly and easily convey the features and benefits with this visual format. Trust is one of the biggest reasons why consumers will buy, or not buy from you.

Boosts Conversions and Sales

Another benefit of video marketing with product videos is that they are a leading driver of conversions and sales (put up your hand if you want more sales!) Using video to answer questions about features, benefits, shipping and returns, can greatly turn a browser into a buyer. Unlike images and written content, they can see your offering, as if it was placed right there in front of them.

Great ROI

Adding a video strategy to your marketing mix is also good ROI. There are lots of options when it comes to creating your own videos. Users will forgive quality as long as the content is good. You can create a business video on a low budget, with tools that are right at your fingertips like your smartphone. It’s all about getting your message out there and maximising what you have without the big production budget. (Bonus Tip – If you’re after a budget friendly professional video to get your video marketing started check out our Introduce Your Business in 60 Seconds videography package.)

Google Likes Videos Too!

Increased time spent on your site by online visitors is something search engines like Google love. Video content can provide this for your website and business. Users spend more time viewing this form of information which builds trust and tells search engines that your site has great content.

Cater To Mobile Users

Mobile continues to outgrow desktop use each and every day. For this reason, video works well for those who are on the go. The opportunity to grow your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger. It can also be a great tool for learning, as it’s super easy and quick to consume compared to reading the exact same information.

It’s Good For Socials Too

Social media platforms are constantly bringing out new features – this includes ways to share video content. Having a video strategy on these channels allows you to release content on a regular basis that can be shared and appreciated. Remember to be channel agnostic – each platform has its own format and audience type so play to this with your videos.

It’s Time To Get Cracking!

Storytelling is more important than ever. Users don’t want to be sold to, they want to understand how you can solve their problems.

If you need some extra support with creating video for your business, get in touch with the specialists at PipeWolf Media today. We offer different video services to suit your needs and budget.