Why Livestreaming Makes Your Events More Impactful

February 15, 2020 Live Streaming 0

The digital space can be likened to a perpetually expanding universe. Of course, you can never venture the entirety of it, but you can always choose a portion that mesmerises… something that catches your attention and curiosity.

This is how people are hooked nowadays. You need to become strategic in presenting what feeds their interests and preferences. If you want to actively engage with them, you need to make a version of a universe that will give them the spectacle of wonder until they totally set their eyes on the target: your promotional videos and images, your services and products, and ultimately, your brand.

In this expanding universe, there are ways to ensure that you become relevant and engaging. Live streaming, as many companies have been capitalising on, is used on social media platforms. However, it’s not enough to just use it without being aware of how to manage it effectively and strategically. And there are live streaming services that are willing to professionally do the job for you.

But, why must you choose live streaming your events in the first place?

Trust the risky ways

It has been proven that live streaming events is effective in reaching a huge crowd regardless of their demographics and geographical locations. Aside from a secured number of audience, there’s an implied filtering system in live streaming: those who are watching really care or are curious about your brand. With this, you are given the leverage to maximise engagements and tailor fit ways to get your audience more involved.

Companies like Buzzfeed, Target, and The Home Depot have successfully used the power of live-streaming. Even these well-established companies trust this relatively risky option. To mitigate such risks, there are film and audio specialists such as PipeWolf Media that can expertly accommodate your live streaming needs.

If your brand is still emerging, make sure to be unpredictable and exciting. Viewers always prefer raw, odd, and playful content. So, refrain from being monotone and linear. Travel along untaken paths. Become exploratory and don’t be afraid of taking the risky routes.

Level off with audience

Being challenged with a variety of audiences, especially during a free live stream, you need to give extra effort in making sure that you level off with them. By being responsive to their sensible needs and active engagements during live streaming events, the audience feels that they’re connected and part of the event.

Undeniably, the nature of audiences are visual and social. They want organic, even candid engagements with other viewers and actors within the event. Apart from being visually appealing to them, you take away that barrier that content usually has and allow them to enter the screens of their devices and indulge their craving for interaction.

Reuse content creatively

Another benefit from live streaming events is the ability to reuse the produced video content and package it creatively to make short clips, publication materials, and other content-worthy media. This is an advantage that can be utilised by companies to intensify their marketing strategies. Things like positive viewers’ reactions, suggestions, and shared photos and videos can be utilised for your advantage.

Setting up a live stream doesn’t always generate a great amount of attendance and guarantee active engagements with the audience. A strategy must be employed and being creative is a must. As they say, success in numbers may be significant but what happens right after is more crucial. So, don’t forget to leave a mark!

In order to successfully leave that mark, you have to know the right way to set up your live streaming event with the help of professionals. PipeWolf Media is an expert video production company with considerable experience in live streaming. Send us a message today and let’s discuss how we can maximise live streaming for your brand.