What To Wear For Your Filming

June 7, 2019 How To 0

You’re going to star in your very own video…but what will you wear?

That’s actually a great question because as important as looking good and feeling good is there are some fashion choices that aren’t camera friendly. Before you plan your on-camera outfit here are a few things you’ll need to know.

Avoid Clothes With Patterns

Steer clear of any clothing with stripes, busy or repetitive patterns. Patterns like a checkered shirt create an annoying effect called moiré. It basically looks like a weird psychedelic effect in the video and unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to edit out.

Solid Colours Are Your Friend

So what are the best colours to wear on camera? Solid colours are always the safest option for filming. You may want to check with your videographer if you’re planning to wear solid white or black – if you wear a white shirt on a white backdrop you may look a little washed out.

As a rule of thumb, the camera loves colour that pop, you can’t really go wrong with a lovely shade of blue or a rich purple/brown.

Avoid Green

If you’re being filmed in front of a green-screen, you’ll want to avoid wearing any green.

A green-screen is a filming process where someone is filmed in front of a green background and in the editing process the colour green is removed and replaced with another image or video footage.

This means if you are wearing green, that will also be replaced with the image or video footage – you’ll essentially look like a floating head.

When being filmed in front of a green-screen you also want to avoid highly reflective accessories such as chrome, shiny jewellery, polished wood, very polished shoes, reflective props and glass as they could pick up a green reflection.

Finally, it’s also best to minimise frizzy or find strands of lose hair when filming with a green-screen.

Bring Options

It can be a good idea to bring some options along with you to your filming shoot – just in case what you’ve picked isn’t working on camera or a microphone can’t be clipped to it.

Remember, this is a video to reflect your business and your brand, so it’s a good idea to avoid clothing with brand names or big logos. You also want to make sure your clothing is freshly ironed and stain free.

Jewellery and Accessories

As Coco Chanel would say, less is always more when it comes to jewellery and accessories on camera. When selecting your jewellery and accessories for your video ask yourself if anything, you’re planning to wear will distract your viewers from the message you want to communicate in your video. We don’t just mean distract them visually – how much noise does your jewellery make? You don’t want your amazing script to be overshadowed by the jingle of your bangle or the tinkle of your earrings.

Make Up

Make up is important for video because it helps reduce shine on your face. The lights used for filming are bright and they can reflect a lot on your face, especially your forehead.

It’s best to use make up that doesn’t have any sunscreen in it – that will just make your skin shine even more!

As a minimum you want to wear a layer of face powder to reduce the shine on your skin. You may not be keen on the thought of wearing makeup, but it’s important that you do – especially for men – it will make amazing difference to your final video.

Final Tips

Think about your skin and hair. Don’t get sunburnt before filming, ensure you’re well rested and there’s no dark circles under your eyes and remember to book a hair appointment before your filming so you’re looking fresh and ready for your on-camera debut.

Think about the fabric you’re planning to wear, is it noisy to move around in? Will it rustle and make noise which the microphones could pick up?

Do you have a belt, waistband or pocket a microphone battery pack could be placed into?

Confidence Is Key

More important that how you look is how you feel.

Make sure you feel good in your filming outfit. Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel like yourself?

If you don’t feel good, you won’t relax and that will really come through in your final video.

Have fun with your wardrobe choices, wear something bold and fun that makes you feel confident.

There’s a lot we can do to make your video amazing but the one thing we can’t edit in is confidence.

If you’d like to know more about how to get yourself ready for filming check out our blog about everything you need to know before your filming day.