Video Testimonial

Videography Package

One of the best ways to showcase your business online is with a video testimonial.

Video testimonials are fantastic for your digital marketing strategy, especially for your website and social media, they’re engaging, build brand trust and, most importantly, they are watchable and sharable.

We’ll put together a 2-minute video which not only captures your customers testimonial but also showcases all the aspects of your business that they love.

The process is easy. We’ll work with you to develop your customised interview questions and we’re ready to roll.

The development of the questions is important. Strategic questions can not only demonstrate how happy your clients are, they can also summarise key information points such as pricing, processes, product information and answers to common FAQs.

A well delivered testimonial not only establishes your brand as an industry leader, it also helps you gain more exposure and helps convert leads into sales.

A video testimonial is also a creative way of answering your customers questions, it adds credibility to your website and creates a personal experience for the viewer.

All of our packages include professional film and audio production. This means the testimonial interview will be professionally recorded and lit with a professional lighting set up.

Package includes:

  • Pre-Filming Meeting
  • Customised interview questions
  • 1 Filming Location
  • 2 Hours Filming – We’ll film your client giving their testimonial and some b-roll footage of the things they love about your business.
  • Licensed Music
  • Editing
  • 1 Revision
  • 2 Min Video

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