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Are you holding onto a treasure trove of nostalgia with old VHS video tapes and an overflowing cupboard of DVDs and reels of film that you can no longer enjoy? PipeWolf Media is here to help you preserve your cherished memories.

Why Media Transfers Are Crucial

Here's why media transfers are so crucial


Old media, like VHS tapes and audio cassettes, degrade over time. The images on your tapes may fade, and the sound on your audio cassettes can become distorted. Converting them to digital formats ensures your memories remain intact and accessible for years to come.


With digital conversions, you can effortlessly access your precious memories on modern devices. No more searching for outdated VCRs or cassette players – your media is at your fingertips, viewable on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.


In the digital era, sharing memories with friends and family has never been easier. Once your media is converted, you can easily share these moments through email, social media, or cloud storage. The joy of reminiscing with loved ones is just a click away.


Digital files are durable and long-lasting. They won’t deteriorate over time, as analog media does. This means your memories will be preserved for future generations to enjoy, safeguarding your family’s legacy.


Storing old media collections takes up valuable space in your home. Converting them to digital formats not only saves space but also helps declutter your living environment.


With digital media, you have the flexibility to edit, enhance, and organise your content. You can create custom playlists, add captions, and make your memories even more special.

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frequently asked questions

To transfer your tape, we need to play it in real-time. So, if you have a 4-hour tape, it will take 4 hours to transfer. Once the tape transfer is complete, we export the file to your USB or hard drive. The duration of this export depends on the file size and may take a little while. Typically, we’d allow for a few days/weeks to complete an order involving multiple tape transfers.

If you have a specific deadline and need your tape transferred quickly, please let us know ahead of time, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

You might be wondering how much storage space you’ll need on your USB or hard drive. A good rule of thumb is to allocate approximately 4GB of space per tape. Keep in mind that the actual storage space on a USB or hard drive is usually around 80% of the advertised capacity. For example, with an 8GB USB, you may only be able to fit around 7GB of data.

Our pricing is straightforward.

We charge a $25 set up fee and $15 per tape. We can supply a USB or hard drive for an extra charge.

We charge a $25 set up fee and $1 per slide/scan. We can supply a USB or hard drive for an extra charge.

For reels of film we charge $45 set up fee, $4 per minute of tape, rounded up to the nearest minute.

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for large orders. Our pricing remains consistent for all orders.

All tape drop-offs and pick-ups are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us via phone, text, or email.

After making an appointment, we’ll request you to fill out a client form, which can be found at the bottom of this page. This form helps streamline the process.

Once your tapes are dropped off, we’ll begin the transfer. We’ll notify you via email when the transfer is complete and your order is ready for collection.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, online card payment (note that there is a 1.75% processing fee for card payments), or PayID when you pick up your tapes. Payment must be completed before or at the time of collection.

We make every effort to transfer all of your tapes. However, some old or mouldy tapes may not be successfully transferred. Rest assured, we only charge for tapes that are successfully transferred. If your tapes have mould, they need to be cleaned before we can proceed. We offer a mould cleaning service at $25 per tape.

At PipeWolf Media, we specialize in transferring various types of media, including  Super8/8mm and 16mm film reels, DVD’s, CD’s, Mini DVDs, VHS, Super VHS, Video8/HI8, VHSc, Mini-DV tapes, slides, SD cards, records, Digital Audio Tapes (DAT), and audio cassette tapes.


what people say about us

Anita Veljanov – Media Transfer Client

Pipewolf media converted my 39 year old christening tape for me!
Their service was exceptional, very prompt, I just wanted something basic to have and they did a great job in relieving the memories for me which I will have forever both on a USB stick and dvd.
Thank you Pipewolf media, I will definitely recommend you to anybody. 10/10

Judy Rotherham – Media Transfer Client

Fyona and her team were great In enabling my family to re-live moments from the past.
No hesitation in recommending them.

Pauline Boyce – Media Transfer Client

Fyona and her team provide a great friendly service, the website is easy to navigate, during this year I have used PipeWolf Media twice, first time, having old slides and VHS tapes converted to USBs, recently photos converted to a slideshow for my husbands 60th birthday party. Great way to bring treasured memories alive.

Ian Ueckert – Media Transfer Client

I had 14 VHS transferred to a hard drive that I provided. Easy drop off and pick up. Had some mould removed from some tapes. Job well done. Would highly recommend.

Paul Longobardi – Media Transfer Client

From the second I rang, it was win-win and with a hugely unexpected great outcome. I life of VHS and cassettes that lived through a house fire were brought to life. The memories are now in living colour and done in a week and a great price was a bonus and a small price to pay to have our treasured videos alive again. Thank you Fyona!!!

Bruce Maclachlan – Media Transfer Client

Helpful and efficent digital experts offering great pricing. They put 12 Hi 8 casettes from the 90s onto a USB in a couple of days. I couldn’t be happier with the result.