We filmed this beautiful promotional video in August 2022 down at Killalea Beach on the beautiful South Coast in NSW.

It was really fun to film a promotional product video – it’s surprisingly not something that we get asked to do very often – but it’s something we really enjoy.

We worked with the Weighted Beach Towel team leading up to the shoot to put the storyboard and shot list together – when working with talent (models) we always want to be mindful to make every second count and have all our planning in place so we can move through the shoot as quickly as possible.

This was a half-day shoot, which feels like a long time for a 30-second promo video – but it takes a lot of effort to really line each shot up, get the beach towels and the wind to play nice with us and re-do shots every time there’s a stray piece of hair across someone’s face, a tourist walking in the background or something in the shot that’s just not working quite right.

We had two videographers and our producer on site directing the shoot. We’re really happy with how this video turned out and hope to do more promo videos in the future.