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Toustone – Bankstown Sports Club

We shot this testimonial video in Bankstown Sports Club – it was a nearly a full day shoot – mainly because the sports club is so big it takes a while to get from location to location! We recorded the testimonials in the rooftop restaurant, before it opened for the day, which was great because we had the space mostly to ourselves, however the light changing through the windows was challenging and staff had to start setting up the restaurant halfway through the shoot.

Then we captured all the relevant b-roll in the club – managing to mostly get shots without patrons in them. It’s great doing indoor shoots, without weather or external noises to deal with – but it is important to keep on top of the lighting changes from room to room and not over or undershoot the b-roll – nothing worse than sitting down to edit and realising you’ve missed some key shots.

This is why we like to have a producer on site during interviews – they can note down what content is covered in the testimonial responses, and we can make sure we film those details to really make the final video pop and make sure there aren’t any gaps in the overall narrative and viewing experience.