Mint Payment – Travel Agent Testimonial

We were so excited when Mint Payments ask us to create a video testimonial for them because video testimonials are one of the highest converting tools you can use for your business – basically it’s an absolutely genius move. They trigger emotions, show excitement, passion and share a spark from you current customers to your future customers instantly.

Video testimonials are also fantastic because they’re easy to watch, share and remember. The information learned through a video will stick in your customers mind more than if they read the same information as text – some stats say that the retention rate of watching a video is 95% where it’s less than 12% when reading text.

No matter how amazing technology seems to get – we humans still love word-of-mouth and trust recommendations over advertising. Your customers put a huge amount of trust in reviews, testimonials and even a strangers recommendation online.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about how we can create some amazing customer testimonial videos for your business.