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influencers! Episode 6 – FK Day

We recorded this video interview 100% remotely using Zoom.

We did coordinate the shoot so that both FK and Phil had their own cameras set up recording them in high-res while they could see each other via Zoom. The thing to keep in mind when professionally recording an interview via Zoom is that the video file that Zoom creates is compressed and low res, because it’s designed to stream the video over the internet. While this is fine for a Zoom call, it’s not awesome for video production.

By using professional cameras alongside the Zoom camera, we were able to capture a great image of each person in the interview. The next layer of complexity is the audio – you want to isolate the audio that’s coming through the Zoom call from the audio you’re recording from each person – the Zoom audio might sound tinny, and it will also pick up both people talking in the same audio recording which makes audio editing more difficult.

By recording Phil and FK’s audio separately we’re able to then edit the audio files in more detail and isolate any background noises we’d like to remove.

This isn’t the easiest way to record a professional looking video of an interview – but unless you can fly the person you’d like to interview into the country, it’s the next best option.