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influencers! Episode 4 – Stephen Drake

Everyone who has a website for their business wants their website to be one of the first results that pops up on Google when people are searching online. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in – it’s tailoring your website so it ticks the boxes Google is looking for and therefore, Google will give your website a higher ranking in its search results.

There are loads of indicators that Google is looking for when it comes to ranking your website in online search – but one of the big boxes to tick is how long people spend on your website once they find you.

The idea is if your website is what they’re after, they’ll stay on your page longer, and if it’s not then they’ll bounce away quickly.

So how do you keep people sitting on your website for 5, 10, even 30 mins?

Easy – you load your website with videos.

Long-form video content that’s created specifically for your audience is a genius way to keep people sitting on your website for long periods of time, which tells Google that you’re the place to be.

Interviews, such as this Stephen Drake interview, is engaging for it’s target market. It’s not hard to imagine someone clicking on the play button and suddenly they’ve watched the entire video.

We produce so much long-form video content for businesses and organisations because it works. It’s a great marketing strategy, it’s simple to produce (no actors or sets to build), it’s sticky – once you lock in it’s hard to stop watching, and most of all, it’s affordable.

Interviews are one of the most cost effective and straightforward video production projects you can pop onto your website.

Now’s the time to get in touch and start planning your video interview series today.