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influencers! Episode 3 – Warren Salomon

Last year we travelled to Sydney to film a series of interview videos for the Micromobility Report. Since then, we have filmed many more long-form interviews like this one for the Micromobility Report team.

Like most things that look simple and straight forward, the production that goes into capturing an interview like this is more than you’d think. For this shoot, we had a full studio lighting set up, multiple audio recording devices and, of course, multiple cameras. It takes two videographers a total of two-hours to set up before we can hit record.

After capturing the interview, we then need to process the footage, label the files, sync all the footage and audio up before we can start editing.

On this day we filmed two interviews back-to-back – which is good because we can get more out of the effort we’ve put into setting up for the shoot.

For more information about our long-form interview videos or how we can work with you to film your project please get in touch – we’d love to have a chat.