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Birdblack Design – Walkthrough Cato Place

One of the first things you’ll notice whenever you watch a Birdblack Design video is how relaxed and confident Sarah is in front of the camera.

We’re broken down our top tips for getting camera-ready before your next video:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Script or no script, you want to be very clear in your mind what key messages you’re trying to convey while you’re speaking to the camera. After all, this video will be representing your business and brand – we want to make sure it’s hitting all your marketing bullseyes.

2. Sit Up Straight

Feel like you’re back at school? There’s no slouching allowed once the cameras are rolling because everything is exaggerated when you’re on screen – if you’re sitting you want to sit up straight on the edge of your chair.

3. Talk With Your Hands

Our tip when it comes to talking with your hands is to keep your elbows bend around your mid-section. This way your hands will be between your waist and shoulders – in the shot but not taking over the show.

4. Smile – The Camera Loves You

Video loves a natural, warm, genuine smile – but it’s tough to keep that smile going once you start talking. So while you’re talking try to speak through a smile. This will help you to keep smiling with your eyes – keep your gaze warm, relaxed and natural when looking at the camera.

When you’ve finished saying what you have to say hold your smile and look directly into the camera – the best way to end any video is with a smile.

5. Eye Contact

One of the best pieces of advice we have come across about how to maintain eye contact while being on camera is to look at the cameras as you would your dog (or cat if you’re team feline). This will help you to keep your eyes smiling and focused.

Blink naturally, hold a warm gaze and engage with your audience.

6. Maintain A High Energy

Often you’ll need to overdo it. Imagine you’re presenting your script to kids, overemphasise, enunciate, be one notch more animated that you normally would be.

7. Be Healthy and Well Rested

It’s hard to bring a lot of energy if you’re sick, jet lagged or sleep deprived.

8. Remember, It’s Not About You

This is a bit of a strange point really seeing as you’re the one who is going to be on camera. But when you think about it, the video you’re making isn’t really about you, it’s about your message. You’re sharing information with your audience.

For more tips about preparing for your next filming, visit our blog.