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AutoM8 Me – Vanessa Sage Naturals Cleaning

Earlier this year we teamed up with Autom8 Me to film a series of video testimonials for their business. For this video, we used our complete studio set up on location, we arrived a few hours before the filming to set up the cameras, lighting and audio equipment. Taking the time to set up correctly always means we end up with a better quality product in the end.

Our preference is always to film a few short, sharp testimonials that all get straight to the point rather than a single longer or more in-depth interview. Statistics show that shorter videos hold the viewers’ attention span longer.

No matter how amazing technology seems to get – we humans still love word-of-mouth and trust recommendations over advertising. Your customers put a huge amount of trust in reviews, testimonials and even a strangers recommendation online.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about how we can create some amazing customer testimonial videos for your business.