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AutoM8 Me – Daniel Waterboys Plumbing

Like most video production companies, we film a lot of video testimonials. That’s because video testimonials work – they’re powerful and engaging.

Working with Autom8 Me earlier this year, we were able to capture three video testimonials in one day – each telling a different story. Filming multiple videos in one day is always the most cost-effective approach to video production – that’s why we offer a range of multi-video packages.

To create a 1-min video like this one we spent around 30-mins interviewing Daniel, asking him questions about his experience with the product and listening to his story. Then we spent another 30-mins on-site capturing some b-roll (cutaway footage) to include in the video – we’re mostly after footage that illustrates and supports the testimonial.

It’s always fun filming on location – we enjoy hearing peoples excitement when they talk about things they love.

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about how we can create some amazing customer testimonial videos for your business.