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2019 Australian Bicycle Summit

Giving a presentation? Speaking at a seminar? Preparing a workshop? Teaching or training?

If you’re speaking at a live event we will professionally film and record your session, so you can use it for future presentations or as an online resource.

Putting a presentation together takes hours and hours of time, much longer than the time it will take to deliver the presentation itself.

When it comes to teaching or training you may need to deliver that content over and over again, sometimes in multiple locations.

Filming your live presentation, seminar, workshop or training session is a great way to work smarter not harder. The options for how you can use your live event recording are endless, you can cut it up into sections and incorporate it into your next live presentation to give yourself a break throughout the day, you can use it as an online resource and offer it as a free extra to clients or a paid option for visitors. You can edit the content into a promotional video for your next event – showcase to future clients what they can expect to encounter in your workshops.

Whatever your plan, we’d love to work with you to ensure your message can reach the widest audience possible.

For an additional fee we can even live stream your presentation or provide an onsite live feed.

Contact us to book your video package today.