digitize your old videos

Do you have boxes of old VHS video tapes and a cupboard full of DVD’s you can no longer play?

We transfer your DVD’s, Mini DVDs, CD’s, VHS, Super VHS, Video8/HI8, VHSc, Mini-DV tapes, slides, SD cards, records, floppy disks (3.5 inch), DAT (Digital Audio Tapes) and audio cassette tapes onto a USB/Hard drive so they are preserved for years to come and can be viewed and enjoyed easily on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and even shared online.

the things

we transfer

VHS + Super VHS Tapes

CDs + DVDs

Slides, Negatives + Scan Photos

VHSc Tapes


Floppy Disk

MiniDV Tapes

DAT and Audio Cassette Tapes

Camcorders + Recording Devices

Video8 / Hi8 Tapes

SD Cards

Files, Videos and Photos from Devices

our pricing

Media Transfers

VHS, Super VHS, DVDs, CDs, Digital Audio Tapes (DAT), audio cassettes, Video8/HI8, VHSc and Mini-DV video tape transfer to USB/Hard drive

$25 Set up fee, $12 per tape/DVD/piece of media

Each video is saved as a MP4 file on your USB/Hard drive.

Slides/Photo Scans – $25 Set up fee, $1 per slide/photo.

Each slide/photo is saved as a JPEG file on your USB/Hard drive.

If you can’t supply your own USB or hard drive
we can supply one for an extra charge.

VHS Tape Mould Cleaning

Some tapes need mould cleaned from them before we can transfer them.
We charge $15 per tape for mould cleaning.

VHS Tape Repair

We can repair some tapes in-house.
We charge $40 per tape for repairs.

Songs From Audio Cassettes/Records/CDs

After transferring an audio cassette, DAT, record or CD we can cut up
the individual songs and export them as separate files, each labelled with the song title.
We charge $15 per tape to cut up and export individual songs (up to 20 songs).

Step 1

Contact us to book an appointment.

All our drop off and pickups are by appointment only.
Call, text or email us to book a time to drop your tapes off to us at 7 Stafford Street, Berkeley.

Step 2

Fill out our client form

Please scroll down to fill out our quick and easy online form before you drop the tapes off.

Step 3

Drop your tapes off.

Drop your tapes off at the time you’ve booked. We’ll transfer everything and contact you when they’re ready for pick up.

media transfer

Client Form

Please fill out the below form before your drop your tapes off.

Wanted to Buy

We are often on the lookout for new VCR players, MiniDV and Hi8 camcorders, VHS and camcorder tape cleaners, VHSc adaptors, and other media transfer equipment.

If you have any of these items that you’re looking to sell or giveaway please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do media transfers take?

To transfer your tape we need to play it through in real time – so if it’s a 4 hour tape it will take 4 hours to transfer. Once we’ve transferred the tape we then need to export the file to your USB/hard drive, depending on the size of the file this can take a little while. Generally we’d allow for a few days to complete an order of multiple tape transfers.

If you need your tape transferred quickly please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate tight deadlines.

What size USB do I need to put my tapes onto?

Great questions – we recommend approx 4GB of space per tape. It’s important to keep in mind that the actual storage space on a USB or hard drive is usually around 80%, as a rule of thumb, of what was advertised. That means if you have an 8GB USB you may only be able to fit 7GB of data on there.

How much do you charge?

We charge a $25 set up fee and $12 per tape. We can supply a USB or hard drive for an extra charge.

Is there are bulk discount for large orders?

Unfortunately we don’t offer a discount for large orders.

I have tapes ready to be transferred, what’s the process?

All tape drop off and pick up’s are by appointment only. To book an appointment please get in touch – you can call, text or email us.

Next, we’ll ask you to fill out a client form – scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill out our quick and easy online form before you drop the tapes off.

Once your tapes are dropped off we’ll start the transfer. We’ll email you an invoice when the transfer is complete and your order is ready for collection.

You can pay via bank transfer, online card payment (there is a 1.75% processing fee for card payments) or PayID when you pick your tapes up.

Payment must be made before or when the tapes are collected.

What happens if a tape is too old to play?

We’ll make every effort to transfer all of your tapes – sometimes tapes are old and unfortunately they can’t be transferred. We only charge for tapes that are successfully transferred.

What happens if my tapes have mould on them?

Unfortunately, we can’t transfer tapes with mould on them. Mould needs to be cleaned off all tapes before we can transfer them. We can remove mould from tapes. We charge $15 per tape for mould cleaning.

What kind of tapes do you transfer?

We transfer DVD’s, CD’s, Mini DVDs, VHS, Super VHS, Video8/HI8, VHSc, Mini-DV tapes, slides, SD cards, records, Digital Audio Tapes (DAT) and audio cassette tapes.

We don’t transfer film reels – if you have 8mm or 16mm film reels we recommend contacting Xander Productions.

So why it it so important to transfer your VHS video tapes to digital? Check out our blog about why you need to convert your home moves to digital before it’s too late.


what people say about us

Carole Dekker – Media Transfer Client

Dave and Fyona were extremely helpful friendly and professional. They did an amazing job bringing all our VHS tapes (memories) into the 21st century for us to forever enjoy.

Katie Johnson – Media Transfer Client

Fyona and Dave at Pipe Wolf Media transferred several VHSC tapes to mp4 files for me. I had a really good experience with them. Happy all around.

Melanie Comacchio – Media Transfer Client

I have been wanting to transfer my precious family videos from VHS to digital form for a long time. I was relieved to find a local company who provided this service. I found Fyona and Dave of PipeWolf Media to be friendly and reliable. Corresponding with them was easy and my queries were answered quickly.

My family is very happy with the end product, as Fyona and Dave made efforts to provide us with the best quality recording.

Now our family movies are stored on USB devices which are easily copied, so we all have easy access to those memories whenever we want.

Based on my own experience, I would certainly recommend PipeWolf Media.

Cassandra Taglieri – Media Transfer Client

Sent in 20 tapes to be converted to digital files and Pipewolf were able to successfully do all but 3. They didn’t charge for what they couldn’t convert and gave me advice on what to do with the tapes that didn’t work. Turn around time was really quick too.

Wayne Ireland – Media Transfer Client

First time customer for digitising of older DVD’s. Both Fyona and Dave were a pleasure to deal with.