Wollongong Live Streaming

professional live streaming and broadcasting

We provide professional, high quality
live streaming services in Sydney and Wollongong.

Our professional production team are experts in
single camera, multi-camera, and multi-platform
live streaming solutions.

Quality is Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality live streaming service.
Our knowledgeable team are experts in video production and live streaming solutions.
We use the latest technology to ensure each live stream, broadcast,
webcast, and virtual event we do is flawless and reliable.

What We Do?

Our live stream packages are designed to cover a wide range of
events from a single camera set-up to a full live streaming production including
multiple cameras, audio sources, graphics, live switching and viewer interaction.

Every Second Recorded. Every Moment Live.

We offer fully tailored and customised live streaming and
video production packages to suit your event.
Don’t just live stream your event – we’ll record and edit your event to
create highlight reels, promo videos, podcast audio,
live presentation talks and much more. Think bigger with PipeWolf Media.

Invite your community to your live event from any device at any time.

With live streaming you can connect with your audience no matter where they are,
across multiple platforms we’ll help make your event easy to attend online.

We’ll take care of your live streaming while you focus on your event.

Facebook Live Streaming

Live streaming to Facebook is a great way to engage
your audience and invite the world to join your event online.

YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube is on the of most popular live streaming platforms.
It’s easy for viewers to access, you can keep your live stream unlisted and
easily embed the live stream video into your website.

Streaming platforms

Website Live Streaming

Live streaming directly to your website is easier than you think.
There are so many platforms we can embed into your website for your live stream.
Live streaming directly to your website allows you to create a custom landing page plus it’s great for your SEO.


Instagram Live Streaming

Take your Instagram Live’s to a new level with a professional
multi-camera, live switching and audio set-up.

Live Streaming Platforms

We can live stream to any platform of your choice.

Get in touch and have a chat about how you’d like your live stream
to look and we’ll work with you to design the perfect viewing experience for your online attendees.

Live Streaming From:

Wollongong, Shellharbour, Nowra, Sydney, Southern Highlands, NSW and beyond

Our live streaming packages include:

  • Industry standard live streaming production equipment
  • Single camera or multi-camera options
  • Vision mixing (live camera switching) for multi-camera live streams
  • High quality audio
  • HD quality video streamed
  • Branded graphics
  • Direct feed from presenters powerpoint into the live stream
  • Internet bonding technology which means flawless internet support, no downtimes, buffering or glitching
  • Live stream will be saved and can be watched after the event using the same link

Corporate and Event Live Streaming

Take the restrictions off your event and extend your reach to a global audience without having to worry about barriers like distance or travel. Save on venue hire costs while making a profit from live streaming content. You can sell tickets, create a subscription model, run ads during your live stream or create a sponsorship package. The ideas are endless.

Next time you’re hosting a corporate event consider:

  • Live streaming your conference or corporate event to a larger audience.
  • No venue or seating capacity caps to limit your event.
  • Sell tickets, implement a pay-per-view pay wall and monetise your live stream.
  • Engage your audience with live polls, Q&A functions, and live chat add-ons.

Live streaming also works for internal business meetings:

  • Most live streams we do are for corporate clients wanting to hold a global board meeting, an internal staff meeting or conference call.
  • Live stream your next meeting, presentation, or summit.

Church and Community Live Streaming

Live streaming is a wonderful way to include people with disabilities or mobility challenges in your next event. Ensure people can attend Annual General Meetings, reach a larger audience for church meetings and live stream local community events for maximum inclusion. Extend your reach to more like-minded people beyond your local area and consider live streaming your next:

  • Strata meeting
  • Church service
  • Social club
  • Charity
  • Sporting club meeting
  • Fundraising event
  • Networking event
  • Auctions
  • Community town hall meeting

Sports Live Streaming

Never miss a game again. We live stream sporting games – plus we can add live commentary and on-screen scoreboards to keep the viewers up to date throughout the game.

  • Fundraising event
  • Networking event
  • Auctions
  • Community town hall meeting

Weddings, Funerals and Private Function Live Streaming

Everyone has a tight schedule, so when everyone can’t attend – get them there will live streaming. Destination wedding? Elderly loved ones who can’t attend your engagement party? Friends and family who can’t make it home for a funeral? Live streaming is the perfect way to help people attend those unmissable moments that they would have otherwise missed.

  • Live stream your wedding
  • Engagement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and celebration live streams
  • Live stream funeral services

Live streaming your milestone events has never been more affordable – plus we can edit the footage afterwards to create a highlights video for you to watch and enjoy for years to come.

Why Choose PipeWolf Media for your next Live Streaming event

Live streaming can seem like a daunting nightmare but with PipeWolf Media it’s easy and stress-free.

From live streaming executive meetings to managing multi-camera, multi-media, corporate productions, PipeWolf Media have experienced it all. The PipeWolf Media team are live streaming professionals, experts in video and audio production and an absolute pleasure to work with.

We can help turn your event into a live online production streaming to a global audience while giving viewers a true sense of connection.

Live streaming is the perfect alternative to hosting a physical conference. There’s no restriction to venue size, number of seats or guests that can attend.

We have all the equipment required to professionally live stream your event – no matter the size. Our cameras, audio recorders, lighting and internet bonding technology will make your event easy to attend virtually – allowing you to engage with audiences on social networks and across multiple platforms.

We can live stream your event across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, social media platforms and a range of live streaming software. We can also offer extra engagement options such as live polling, online chats and live stream presentations to conferences and groups.

Our services don’t stop when the event ends – we can create a dynamic highlight reel, a promo video for your next event, craft long-form presentation videos for you or even use the audio from your guest speakers to create podcasts.

Join the thousands of businesses in Australia who are saying yes to live streaming. PipeWolf Media are the live streaming professionals you can count on. We can customise our packages to suit any budget. Our down-to-earth team are looking forward to working with you.