The Importance of Instagram Analytics For Video

January 24, 2020 Video 0

Instagram started out as a photo and video-sharing social media platform in October 2010. From there, what began as a website solely available for iOs has become a global phenomenon with over one billion monthly active users.

With over 100 million photos and videos uploaded on the platform daily, Instagram account analytics experts consider the site to be a strong tool for business enterprises. In addition to that, 80% of all Instagram users follow a business profile. That’s roughly 800 million people!

Merely posting various content on the site will not allow you to take full advantage of its potential. You need to evaluate your content, especially videos, so that you can optimise it for future content using Instagram insights and other useful tools.

Here are important Instagram video analytics areas that you could use to power up the ability of your videos in expanding the reach and engagement of your brand.


Get to know your target audience

The key to success with Instagram marketing is to determine what your customers want to see, what they’re interested in knowing about, and what they need to buy.

Using Instagram video analytics such as Instagram Insights will help you get acquainted with your audience’s specific demographics, age group, gender, and location. This will enable you to develop the right and appropriate video content for your brand.

Should your videos focus on more inspiring-stories type of material? Does your audience want a little humour in the video content? Are immersive videos their preference?

These questions can surely be answered if you use tools to uncover what your audience wants to see on your business page on Instagram.

Create content based on the data gathered

Through the utilisation of Instagram analytics, you can use the information you received in creating the content that your audience likes.

If you want to know what hashtags your target audience are interested in, you can use Keyhole ( Keyhole has an intricate hashtag analytics tool that provides real-time updates on how your posts are performing and what the trending hashtags are.

Instagram Insights can also provide data on how you should create your future content. With Insights’ ability to determine the types of people interacting with your business page, you can develop age-specific or gender-specific videos to amp up your audience’s interest.

Time is gold

This old saying is true for Instagram video analytics tools, too. Even if you have created content that screams gold, you won’t be able to gauge if it will match your target audience’s online activity unless you use various tools to determine the right time to post your videos.

For the best post timing, you can use the very useful This online software enables you to view the Instagram traffic that your business page receives through a visually-appealing and easy-to-understand layout.

Being able to upload your videos at the best time equates to a greater chance of achieving a surefire trend that’s good for your profile’s engagement and reach.

Using these insights will help you get on the right track with your video content. Utilise these to achieve better engagement and reach of your business profile.

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