Why Putting Captions On Your Videos Is Important!

February 28, 2020 Video 0

Have you ever wondered why you stay on Facebook for so long, scroll through for more videos, and unwittingly leave your unfinished tasks behind?

When watching videos online, you are not mindful of the fact that there are various cognitive processes activated in your brain. The complexity of these processes affect your memory, emotion, and perception, all induced by that meaningful clip you’re watching, whether it’s a tasty cooking video, your favourite vlog, or an advertisement that has successfully incorporated pressing social issues into its storyline.

What you think and perceive can determine whether you’ll finish the video, or better yet, if you’ll get excited enough about it to watch more. The role of visual perception in digital media platforms is really indispensable.

The role of psychology in digital marketing

Visual perception must be strategically employed in the aspect of digital marketing. One of the greatest challenges when it comes to digital marketing is how to sustain your audience for the purposes of interaction. Right now, there are ways to boost and expand your viewership such as with the use of videos targeted to reach specific or general audiences. And the secret to maximising your viewership is integrating the importance of psychology into digital media.

Aside from the compelling promise of using psychology in creating digital media, one aspect to consider is to add captions to video, which has been proven to optimise memory, emotional arousal, and perception, all of which lead to a more personalised experience. So how do captions really work?

Heightened emotions equals increased viewership

When creating content, American author Deepak Chopra stressed that it is important to place importance on one’s perception, cognition, thoughts, feelings, and personal relationships because all of these make up a projection of the viewer. This goes to show that viewers or customers tend to prefer content that suit their interests or preferences – something personal to them.

If the videos are more personal to the viewers, it will incite positive emotions and reactions that greatly affect the duration of viewership. Since there is a diversity in your audience, it is important that your videos are understandable. Given that 85 percent of Facebook users watch muted videos and some people have difficulty with reception due to differing accents, a great way to achieve this is to put captions to your video posted online. Captions help viewers understand videos and capture their senses expressed through heightened emotions and prolonged viewer duration.

Grounded engagements

The greatest goal of using videos is to increase your viewership and allow them to become acquainted with your products or services. To do this, it is important that your videos only include salient information. If there’s the last song syndrome for listening to music, viewers should experience last video syndrome, where the video keeps on replaying in their minds until their interest perseveres enough for their buying behaviour to positively change.

If you add captions to your video, it gets easier to follow the video, and this sets a levelled tone with your audience. Note, however, that there are those who prefer to turn off the captions, so you need to add closed captions to video as well. Through this, you maintain grounded engagements where you let your viewers feel that you are sensitive to their preferences and demands.

Some other mechanisms such as adding an auto caption to a video can give an impression that you are attuned to being inclusive especially for deaf viewers and those with audio problems.

You really can’t separate the influence of psychology in almost everything, even in establishing the importance of captions in videos. Captions not only simplify what is being conveyed but also give a grounded experience to the viewers. And since watching videos activate different brain activities, giving importance to the psychological nature of visual perception and communication certainly makes a difference!

There are definitely a lot of things to consider and take note of if you want to maximise the psychological aspect of video marketing. When it comes to this, it’s always best to leave it to the experts. As one of the leading production specialists our team at PipeWolf Media offers outstanding services in videography, media transfers, virtual tours, podcast editing transcriptions, and live streaming.