How To Upload Videos From Dropbox To Instagram And Make Them Look Awesome

January 17, 2019 Video 0

It’s always frustrating when someone sends you a video link and you can’t get the friggin’ thing to open. We feel your pain – and we also have to admit, being videographers, we’re sent our fair share of how-the-hell-do-I-open-this video links to people. So this is our attempt to right that wrong and show you in 5 easy peasy steps how you can make Dropbox your friend and share the amazing videos we’ve created for you on your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and whatever else the kids are using these days.

Prepare to feel like a tech genius with these simple steps to help you upload a video you’ve received via a Dropbox link to your Instagram account.

Step 1:

Download the Dropbox app onto your phone. Ugh – we know – downloading apps you don’t usually use is the worst but it will make this process way easier and way less techie.

Step 2:   

Open your email (or text message or Messenger message or whatever you received the link in) and click on the Dropbox link.

The link should automatically open up in your Dropbox app. If it doesn’t then hold your finger on the link until this menu pops up and select ‘Open in Dropbox’:

Step 3:

Once you’re opened your link in Dropbox your screen should look something like this:

Next click on the video you want to download and it should look something like this:
(Side note, if you’re downloading multiple videos so you can post multiple videos at once, ensue you download them in the order they appear in your folder – left to right, top row first)

Then click those three little magical dots in the top right hand corner (…) and select ‘Export’ from the pop up menu.

After you click ‘Export’ you’ll get another pop up menu (assuming your on an iPhone – I’m sure all the android users have a similar menu option) – select ‘Save Video’ – this will save the video to the camera roll on your phone.

If you are just downloading one video then you can move onto Step 4. If you are downloading multiple videos then click on the link at the top left corner to go back to the main folder, select the next video and repeat the process until you’re downloaded all of the videos in order.

Step 4:

Whoo – you’re nearly there. Now the video will be saved on your camera roll – just like any other video you have recorded yourself via your phone. Not only is your video now ready to be uploaded to Instagram – you could also upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Messenger etc just like you would with any other video on your phone.

Now open Instagram and create a new post.

If you are posting a single video skip down to the relevant instructions.


Click the ‘+’ sign in Instagram to create a new post. Now select your first video from your photo library – remember your photo library shows you the videos with the first one you downloaded as the lowest on the screen – so if you downloaded 4 videos – the 4th on the right is your first video. Select the video and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP – once your video is selected tap the double arrow icon in the left under the video:

Once you have resized the first video – you can then select the multiple post icon:

And select the videos you want to post – in order you want them to be seen:

Then click ‘Next’. All of our videos are already colored so you don’t need to add a filter – just click ‘Next again:

Now you’ll arrive at the ‘New Post’ page. We’ve found when posting multiple videos adding a caption pre-posting slows down the upload process. You’re better off having your caption written separately and then adding it once the videos are posted. You do want to add your location and tag anyone before you post through as you can’t edit these after the post is live. Start by clicking ‘Add Location’ if you would like to add a location to your post:

Then tag anyone you’d like tagged in your post by clicking ‘Tag People’:

Now you’re ready to upload your videos. Click ‘Share’ – keep in mind uploading multiple videos will take longer than uploading a single video.

Once the video is uploaded select the video:

Then click the three dots (…) on the top right to edit:

Click ‘Edit’ and type or copy/paste your caption:

Click ‘Done’ and voila! You’ve done it – you’ve posted multiple videos in one post to your followers.


Select your video from your photo library – and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP – select your video and tap the double arrow icon in the left under the video:

This will resize the frame of your post so your entire video can be viewed and nothing will be cropped out.

Then press ‘Next’ and select ‘Cover’ at the bottom of the next screen – here you can scoot along the video timeline and pick the cover photo you’d like to appear on your post.

With our videos there’s no need to add a filter or trim because we’ve already colour corrected your film and set it up for Instagram.

Step 5:

Voila! You’ve done it – you’ve got your video from Dropbox to Instagram and you’ve set it all up to look gorgeous and awesome.

Now all you need to do is write your caption and post to all of your followers.

If you need any assistance getting your videos to look this good on Instagram please contact us and we’ll give you a helping hand.