How To Download A Dropbox Transfer File

May 27, 2022 How To 0

We’ve recently started using Dropbox Transfer to send larger video files to our clients.

It’s simple to download video files via Dropbox Transfer but there are a couple of steps to follow when opening your Dropbox Transfer link on a desktop computer.

If you recieve a Dropbox Transfer link, here’s how you use it to access your files:

Step 1: Click the link that has been emailed or sent to you.

Step 2: Click the blue ‘Download’ button at the bottom of the page.


Step 3: Open the ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer (it’s a default folder on your PC).

Step 4: The folder you just downloaded will have a little zip icon on it – right click on the folder and you’ll get a pop-up menu. Select ‘Extract all’.

Step 5: You should get a pop up box asking you where you’d like to save the files to on your computer. Click ‘Browse’ to choose the location. Then click ‘Extract’.

Step 6: You should see the folder now in the location you’ve selected – when you open it you should see the music files and you should be able to play them.


In summary, video files tend to be really large in size and usually sending them via email just isn’t an option.

There are a few common ways to share video files online, including Google Drive and Dropbox – but those options sometimes require the recipient to have a Google Drive or Dropbox account.

If you need any assistance accessing files via your Dropbox Transfer link give us a call – we’d love to help you out.