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Funeral Live Streaming

At PipeWolf Media we take great pride in offering a compassionate, non-intrusive, sensitive live streaming service for funerals.

From your first enquiry, Fyona will guide you through a simple and straightforward live streaming planning process. Our down-to-earth approach means we’ll take care of all the tricky logistics, liaising with other suppliers and venues, and leave you to focus on the service and the elements that matter most to you.

We understand that losing a loved one and planning a funeral is a stressful and difficult time. We have crafted our funeral live streaming service so it’s as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

Live streaming has become an important part of funeral planning. Family and friends can’t always attend a funeral service due to work, poor health, Covid or long-distance travel. Live streaming the service means everyone can celebrate their loved one’s live together.

When planning a funeral, the quality of the technology used in the live stream may not be front of mind, but it is worth mentioning that we use professional grade cameras, audio recording equipment and live streaming technology. Our expert team are able to produce a premium live stream with amazing production quality.

We also record every funeral we live stream, so people can watch the service online afterwards if there weren’t available to watch the live stream.

We can live stream indoors or outdoors. Our system can be 100% battery operated which means we can live stream from parks, cemeteries, or private properties.

For a respectful and caring live streaming experience get in touch today.

PipeWolf were super professional, accommodating, and went over and above to ensure our livestreamed funeral went well.

The audio and visual were perfect, and there were no issues with the feed. Highly recommended!

Thanks so much Dave and Fyona!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is similar to a live television broadcast, but instead of broadcasting through a TV station, we’re streaming the video feed via the internet.

Funeral ive streaming requires a camera, audio feed, internet connection and software to turn the video from the camera into a digital camera feed that can be viewed on an online platform such as YouTube, Facebook or a website.

People can view the live stream from anywhere in the world – they just need a computer, smartphone, tablet, or another smart device with an internet connection.

It takes years of technical expertise to be able to professionally live stream an event – there’s a lot of equipment involved, and there’s always plenty of troubleshooting when technology don’t want to play along.

PipeWolf Media are experts in live streaming, our team always go the extra mile to ensure our funeral live streams are of the highest quality so that friends and family who can’t be there in person have the best possible viewing experience.

How do I invite people to watch the live stream?

As soon as your live stream booking is confirmed we’ll send you the link to where the live stream can be viewed. You can share that link with family and friends – whoever you’d like to invite to watch the service. You can also post the link onto your Facebook page, text it or email it.

Will the live stream be available to watch after the funeral service?

Yes, after the funeral service people can click the live stream link and view the entire live stream as a video. This will be available for a few weeks after the funeral. We’ll also send the family an MP4 video file of the entire live stream so they can download it and share it with anyone who would like a copy.

Will the live stream disrupt the funeral service?

Our live streaming production set-up is very discreet. We use static cameras on tripods, usually at the back or side of the room. We don’t move at all during the funeral service, there’s no roaming cameras, no videographers walking around for a different shot.

We observe cultural protocols and are very respectful of different religious beliefs and ceremony formats.

What is included in your live streaming packages?

Our standard live streaming funeral packages include:

Up to 2 hours of live streaming in one location.

Filming in 1080p meaning the footage is high-quality.

Custom live streaming link to view the live stream from.

2 camera angles live stream – switching between camera angles during the live stream.

Internet bonding to ensure the live stream doesn’t glitch or drop out.

A recording of the live stream will be supplied as an MP4 file via Dropbox.

Online guestbook so friends and family watching the funeral live stream can send messages to the family.


We can also create custom packages, tailored especially to your requirements.

What if the internet drops off?

We use internet bonding for all our live streams. This means we’re able to access both the Optus and Telstra networks, for example, if the Optus signal is weak or overloaded then our stream will start leaning on the Telstra network instead and vice versa. It’s a little bit like plugging lots of internet connections in together, instead of just one, so if one drops out it’s not a big deal – there’s plenty of support for the live stream.

Our internet bonding means it’s very rare that our internet drops out or glitches…but of course, technology can have a mind of its own sometimes. In addition to live streaming, we’re always recording the entire service. If the internet does drop out, we’ll have the full service uploaded online shortly after the funeral finishes.

Can you live stream burial and graveside funerals?

Yes, our live streaming set up can be 100% battery operated and we’re able to live stream from burial sites, gravesides and outdoors. Please keep in mind that our equipment can’t get wet, so in the event of rain we may need to bring a gazebo, or we may be unable to live stream outdoors.

Can we edit the live stream video after the funeral?

Yes, we do provide video production and video editing services. If you’d like to have an edit of the footage we capture during the funeral please let us know and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

Where is PipeWolf Media located and what area do they service?

We are based in Berkeley (a suburb of Wollongong NSW) and are available to live stream from Sydney to the Southern Highlands and down the South Coast. We regularly live stream in and around Wollongong, Shellharbour, Nowra and Sydney.

What is the difference between a single camera and multi-camera live stream?

A single camera live stream means we have one static shot for the entire live stream. It’s usually a wide shot showing the entire front of the service, but it doesn’t zoom in on people or cover anything that happens outside of that shot.

A multi-camera live stream means we’ll have a static shot showing the entire front of the service and a second camera that’s zooming in, focusing on people speaking or performing during the service.

While our videographer monitors the cameras, our other team member selects which camera shot will be sent to the live stream – creating a full-coverage viewing experience where the live stream switches between tight and wide shots.

Can you play a photo slideshow or other media into the live stream?

Yes, if we are notified prior to the event we can play a photo slideshow or other media within the live stream, switching from the camera feed, to the slideshow and then back to the camera feed.

What equipment do you use to live stream a funeral service?

We use multiple (usually two) cameras on tripods, we also use multiple audio feeds, usually plugging into the audio system and setting up back-up recording devices on the podium. We use a large tablet and switcher set up with our internet bonding technology at a table towards the back of the room – this is how we send the live stream to the internet.

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