The Importance of Facebook Analytics for Video

March 14, 2020 Video 0

Nowadays, it’s close to impossible to catch your audience’s attention just by posting a random photo that holds no significant value. Organic reach is falling, and people are demanding even more valuable content. They simply can’t waste their time with mediocrity.

According to statistics, videos drive engagement by 60%, compared to photos that drive only 40%. Apparently, to boost your engagement, you should probably grab that cam and start filming.


Understanding your Audience through your Videos

Let’s face it: your target audience may actually not become your actual audience. You can’t please everyone, but there’s a chance to nourish the interest of another group of people – which in turn can become your core audience in the long run. Alternatively, your target audience may not how you expect them to be. Assuming a group of people to like a style or an element can make your brand become inauspicious.

There are a lot of ways to track your audiences’ interests. If your page is primarily composed of videos, one of the guaranteed ways to strategise your way into knowing their interests is by observing Facebook insights for videos which can be found in the Posts tab of Page Insights, particularly in Post Types. Being aware of what type of posts provoke the most engagement can help assist you in deciphering what kind of content to create.


Facebook Insights: Things to Consider

Data analysis in Facebook analytics for video is like analysing a medical record. You need to be equipped with the right knowledge to translate data and transmute it to useful information that’s beneficial for your business. Here are things to consider when reading data off Facebook insights:


#1: Reach

Reach determines the number of people who saw your post. There are two types of reach: organic and paid. A paid campaign enables you to reach more people, however, it’s effectivity still boils down to how much you’ve converted to real customers.

The data resource can show you the overall range of your video across Facebook. Reach is particularly important in data reading because it generally shows the interest of your audience to the post. For instance, a high reach could mean your post was probably shared by several individuals.


#2: Average Percentage Completion

Average percentage completion shows you how long people have stayed to watch your video. Did they exit at 10 seconds? Did they watch until the end? The source of data that can be taken from this can tell you if your videos are too short or too long to watch. Nonetheless, the constant goal should always be a video that’s just short or long enough for your audience to finish because video platforms put videos on top of people’s timelines if it has longer watch time. This source of data is vital to video content creation because it enables you to determine the length of your future videos.


#3: Peak Live Viewers

Facebook live video analytics shows the highest number of people who watched during a live stream. How long was it before they tuned in? Knowing when your audience tunes in, particularly in a live stream, helps you measure what interested them, enabling you to repeat the same concept with slightly different elements in your future videos.


#4: Engagement

Ask any marketing enthusiast their mostly used KPI resource and they’d tell you the same thing: engagement. Engagement tells you how much interaction took place in a specific duration of posting, hence, giving your audience the feel of authenticity and relativity in your brand.

Reach and engagement are the topmost things to consider in reading and understanding your audience, and it’s important to realise that both are equally important when going through your analytics. Knowing your posts’ ability to incite engagement, especially, can tell you what actually gets people to talk about your posts and what gets people to share it with other users.


Understanding your audience by measuring available data brought to you by Facebook insights can be an overwhelming process, especially for beginners, but it is definitely worth the time to learn. It also truly helps to have professionals guiding you along the way. One of the best experts you can tap is PipeWolf Media.

With our experience in videography, media transfers, virtual tours, podcast editing transcriptions, and live streaming, trust that we have the expertise in helping you understand your videos’ analytics and how you can utilise them for future content.

If you have questions regarding video marketing or Facebook analytics, you can always drop us a message by contacting us here.