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Mar 2020
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The Importance of Facebook Analytics for Video

March 14, 2020 Video 0

Nowadays, it’s close to impossible to catch your audience’s attention just by posting a random photo that…Read More

Feb 2020
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Why Putting Captions On Your Videos Is Important!

February 28, 2020 Video 0

Have you ever wondered why you stay on Facebook for so long, scroll through for more videos,…Read More

Jan 2020
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The Importance of Instagram Analytics For Video

January 24, 2020 Video 0

Instagram started out as a photo and video-sharing social media platform in October 2010. From there, what…Read More

Oct 2019
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We’re Looking For New Videographers To Join Our Team

October 17, 2019 Video 0

We’re looking for new videographers and video editors to join our team of contractors and casual employees.…Read More

Jun 2019
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Why Video Marketing Works For Business

June 18, 2019 Video 0

In recent years there’s been a big shift towards using videos to market businesses and there’s lots…Read More

Jan 2019
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How To Upload Videos From Dropbox To Instagram And Make Them Look Awesome

January 17, 2019 Video 0

It’s always frustrating when someone sends you a video link and you can’t get the friggin’ thing…Read More

Dec 2018
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video marketing website

Does My Business Website Need Video?

December 9, 2018 Video 0

There’s no denying that video marketing has blown up on the internet in the past couple of…Read More

May 2016
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Social Media Video Production

May 1, 2016 Video

You’ve probably heard that video marketing is now essential to any good social media strategy. Turns out…Read More