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May 2022
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How To Download A Dropbox Transfer File

May 27, 2022 How To 0

We’ve recently started using Dropbox Transfer to send larger video files to our clients. It’s simple to…Read More

Oct 2021
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How to set up and pack down an outdoor cinema in your backyard

October 29, 2021 How To 0

With our Outdoor Cinema package, you can transform your next movie night into a unique outdoor experience.…Read More

Nov 2020
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How To Take A Screenshot / Still From Your Video On A Computer

November 24, 2020 How To 0

A question we get asked all the time is ‘can I take a still from my video…Read More

Mar 2020
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How to Upload Videos From Your Phone to Dropbox

March 28, 2020 How To 0

For most people, recording a video on their phone is the easiest and quickest way to create…Read More

Jun 2019
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Tips For Reading From A Teleprompter

June 16, 2019 How To 1

You’re all set to film your video – you’ve got a killer script and the cameras are…Read More

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What To Wear For Your Filming

June 7, 2019 How To 0

You’re going to star in your very own video…but what will you wear? That’s actually a great…Read More

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How To Prepare To Be On Camera

June 1, 2019 How To 0

We love working with local businesses to bring their video production ideas to life. Nine times out…Read More