10 Live Streaming Statistics That Will Surprise You

March 20, 2020 Live Streaming 0

At PipeWolf Media we love checking out video marketing statistics – it really appeals to our nerdy side – today we thought we’d take a look at some live streaming statistics. They paint a pretty clear picture of the powerful impact live video is having – if you’re not currently including live streaming in your marketing plans maybe these bite-sized stats will encourage you to re-consider.

  • Live streaming is growing every day. One report, for example, shows that that “Live video grew by 93%, with an average viewing time of 26.4 minutes per session.”
  • Streaming video accounts for over two-thirds of all internet traffic and is expected to jump to 82% by 2020
  • Today, 47% of live streaming video viewers are watching more live video as compared to last year.
  • More than 1 in 5 Facebook videos are Live and are watched three times longer than pre-recorded videos.
  • 63% of people aged 18-34 have watched live content and 42% have created it, making this group the largest consumers and creators of live video.
  • Millennials are most likely to watch live video on a smartphone (56%) or tablet (44%).
  • 79% of marketers say live video facilitates a more authentic interaction with an audience.
  • Live content on Facebook receives 10x more comments than regular videos.
  • 80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog.
  • 67% of audiences who watched a live stream purchased a ticket to a similar event the next time it occurred.

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