Radio Drama

PipeBoy Production

Hey, can’t believe you are reading this! Thanks for being a part of the journey with me.

So earlier this year, I set out to produce a radio drama, an Australian radio drama. Now I know BBC has their major production facilities, I have a few Mentos’ and a note book.


Unfortunately at the time of writing this blog, I have eaten about all of the Mentos’s, but the note book is still full of ideas.

Before the note book became an additional limb to my body, I wrote my notes on my iPhone, but you can’t just scribble down things on notes, I had even tried the drawing function on both the iPhone and Galaxy phones, but nothing can compare to a note book.

Ok, so I had written down the ideas for the production of PipeBoy and also locations and techniques of recording this production. So I discussed the ideas with a friend that studies performance at UoW, Toni, she is awesome. With Toni’s help and emailing some people from when I attempted this production before (this is my 3-4th attempt over a span of 5 years). This beautiful bunch of people replied:


From left to right: Chloe, Zoe, Travis, Stephen, ME and Fyona. Sitting at the main pond at UoW campus.

Hopefully the smile on my face portrays just how happy I am to finally say “I am producing a radio drama”. I am more than just aware that radio dramas are not a ‘get wealthy’ path, but it is all about making dreams and passions come alive. I am so thankful for these awesome actors and looking forward to eventually listening to the final pilot episode with them all. Recording is booked for the 15th July this year!

Then randomly I sat next to this person one day out front of my Audio Production lecture, James Lawrence, link to his FB page, a fellow student at UoW. He heard my story of the radio drama, he offered up to help out, and over a few weeks he created the theme song for the radio drama.

The next shout out is to Michael, again, a fellow student at UoW, is now the Foley Artist for the production. I saw Michael make a presentation in our Audio tutorial, his presentation was extremely detailed and you could tell that he had such a passion on recording sounds and creating soundscapes from just ordinary things around the house. It was amazing to network with these creative geniuses.

A lot more information about producing the radio drama will be released soon, along with pictures and hopefully sound bites.